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C O M M U N I T Y - B U I L D E R

Il Cruz gets Pomona Loud and moves operation Project It's In The Bag

This year I celebrated the 420 Holidaze at DBA in Pomona for the Pomona Loud open mic event.

Being back in DBA hanging with neaux tribe members and relishing my long time tribe members was a moment and experience that has reignited all of the love and energy in my heart and reminded me of why I started my Three Five Collective, and why now more than ever the work must continue.


Irene aka Il Cruz, is an amazing woman and light who has created and fostered communities and projects that exist to serve the communities around her and I am here for it! Her Pomona Loud imprint hosts open mics that feature amazing local vendors and artists from all around. At a time when community and the arts can get overshadowed by social media, Pomona Loud provides a space and community for those whose art is special to them and a way of life.

Another way Irene helps the community is with her Project It's In The Bag organization which collects and distributes necessities we often take for granted like toiletries and feminine products to homeless shelters and individuals in need. She saw a need and figured out a way to help; if that's not a world changer and community builder I don't know what is.

So, I would like to give Irene all of the flowers for all of her amazing work and energy she pours into the community she helps. She doesn't do it for the notoriety, but that doesn't mean that she shouldn't be celebrated and shown how much she is appreciated.



Right now the Three Five shop has $5 donations you can easily add to your cart and contribute to online. And, because we're excited to help raise money for PIITB and Pomona Loud, we're including a Collective single with every donation.

Check out Pomona Loud & Project It's In The Bag on IG - @project_its_in_the_bag @pomonaloud.

If you have a community builder/world changer that you would like to highlight or a cause you'd like to bring attention to drop us a line at seoul at xxxxvcollective dot com.

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