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Consistency, consistently...

And, before I dive into this one, I'm not speaking to this from a productivity specific perspective. I'll give some examples with regard to health, relationships and yes, a hustle as well.

Ninety percent of the shit you want/need requires consistency. Consistency allows space for alignment or clearly reveals misalignment.


Your health. Whether you believe in western or holistic medicine; plant based or beast mode. Weight lift, CrossFit or yoga. For any of these practices to work or reveal that they're not working require you to engage with them consistently for 4-6 weeks. Herbs or medicine take no less than 2 weeks to get all up in your system and show you benefits and side effects.

Dietary changes initially shock your body and can cause bloating and discomfort. And, although I believe I should have cuts and conditioning after two workouts, I know that staying on a regimen will yield results in a month as long as I stay consistent.

Whatever my body rejects I know isn't for me. I also align with my body and know when it's time for something neaux.


Regardless if it's our family, friendships or relationships, consistency is key. At a time when it may seem cool to not care or not commit to anyone or anything, that mindset can often times leave you where you started. If you're interested in someone you're dating, meet a neaux friend you like or are building a familial bond it takes boundaries, self-awareness and understanding; plus you guessed it, consistency.

If you aren't consistent in these relationships there's a bigger chance they will dissipate and choose for you. Also, consistency isn't commitment, it's communication, reciprocity (when applicable) and follow through. If you can't or don't want to be consistent why would you pursue these relationships?

Which brings me to the flip side of this; if you're consistent in these relationships you will have a better understanding of alignment or misalignment. Meaning, you'll be able to better asses if the other person is practicing consistency and you can continue, or if the other person is inconsistent and you need to take a step back or step away.


If you engaged with at least one thing every day for a month that pertained to your passions, side hustle, work, areas of growth, happiness, etc. you would get better and know more. In thirty days you could learn basic chord progressions, or how to record and mix in Logic. In thirty days you could have thirty journal entries. In thirty days you could develop a solid routine that helps with work-life balance and your mental health.

Whenever we start something or get anxious and scared about something we can overthink the process and the future. Some of us (me) have been great at overthinking and over analyzing consistently, and let me say I was a pro. However, I decided to consistently (see what I did there) put my energy and thoughts in places of growth. I re-directed and decided to do no less than one thing every day for my Collective and my happiness.

That consistency is still in progress, but it did yield this blog post. And, who knows what else will come of it...

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