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Updated: Mar 6, 2022

So hustle for your happiness with the HIAH Project

I don't think we should necessarily live life as though it could all be gone tomorrow; that can put us in anxious ridden comparative crisis mode where we still create exclusion and judge what is good or bad, black or white.

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This is crucial because life is colorful and absolute goodness doesn't exist (except in babies of any species because they're ridiculously adorable). We are all on some sort of spectrum, with us all being composed of things that make us human.

What works for me is prioritizing myself and my needs, then practicing gratitude for everyone and thing in my life that brings love, happiness, laughter and growth (even when it's painful or uncomfortable).

A few years ago I started life over and in rebuilding and going to therapy I realized it was work to work on me and through my experiences and survival techniques. It was easy for me to focus and set routines and be disciplined in my professional life, but I never thought about implementing those broad ideals to my personal life.

Then, I did and the result was that my happiness, health and growth took work and consistency. I had to choose me, I had to choose the impossible for it to be possible and I had to do it frequently; even when life was dark I had to know that light existed and I would get there at some point. Thus the phrase, happiness is a hustle (HIAH) was birthed and now it's a way of life that has proven to be a valuable piece of my life.


Stories, experiences and perspective have always held great significance within and for me. In them lay lessons, balance and entertainment. They offer new ways to see the world and opportunities to express our humanity. Even in moments when we are triggered and our trauma is evoked; these outside moments give us the opportunity to look within, ask the tough questions and sift through the vast array of emotions we carry with us.

Why does this character bother me? Who do they remind me of? Why do I connect with this person? Do I identify with them or do they exude characteristics I want to embody? Am I the hero in my story? Villain? Both? Neither? Have I experienced what's happening or am I disconnected from it?

Whether the story is for or about us we tap into it to determine that. It's a moment or two when we can shift our thinking. That's my favorite part of story telling and listening to and engaging with stories.


So, I'm going to take lessons and things that have helped me and moved me to my core and discuss them, make jokes and illustrate them through words, videos and images. I'll also have some awesome conversations with friends, colleagues and every day people and share those here as well.

I don't know what you'll take from them or what you'll leave, but doing this makes me happy, brings me peace and offers the ability for me to look within and continue to grow.

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